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Guests, You must register to download files and view images in downloads. You must also register to view the gallery, And post/Reply to topics, View profiles and much more.


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Please read and follow the rules below. These rules are to be followed when in the Discord Server as well.

  • Sharing of Modifications to Banned/Suspended members is not allowed and will result in punishment.
  • Shit talking. If you're going to talk shit be ready to have it thrown back at you.(Staff can still close the topic if it gets out of hand.)
  • No Bullying. DO NOT Bully, Threaten, Or force anyone to do something they do not want to do. DO NOT Bully in the sense of shit talking. You will be punished.
  • Credits for Downloads. ALL Downloads must have proper credits. If you are caught Ripping, Stealing, Or Claiming someone else's mod to be yours you will be punished.
  • Impersonating Staff. Impersonating Staff can get you banned, (This goes for backseat moderating) Just dont do it, If you think Someone/Something has broken these rules, Report them. Website slogan is By Developers For Developers
  • NSFW Content. Keep NSFW Content in the correct channels. That channel being "Freedom" On the Discord Server. Website Topics with NSFW Content are to be labeled as such. [NSFW] "Topic Name"

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