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Update old Fable mods to fit into Fable Anniversary

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Hello everyone, I was looking for so long where could I make this question, I hope this is the right place. 

Some years ago Hungarians mde a localization for Fable The Lost Chapters. All the files required for the Hungarian language localization is done well and ready to use.

(text.big and fable_gaphics_hu.big)

Question is, How could I (Or anybody) "update" them to fit into the Steam Anniversary edition? :S

I've tried to make something with Fable Explorer program, with two versions of it (one for .big (old) file and one for .bbb (new) file) but it wasn't really working 😕

Here are the files https://mega.nz/#!jtUTkaqQ!LtC2jwzEa5mpSHBPRXGkTFnvT9zFUVsXM6J_XotkHxU

Thank you for reading this and for your help 🙂

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