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Ok so first let me say i have been using a pc for 20+ years and about 6 months ago i tried my first ever mod , it was called 100+ milestones for the SATISFACTORY construction game.
The mod was exactly what i was looking for as the new machines and things to do was just what i wanted ... more content for the base game , everything was running perfect until the base game was updated , i lost all conveyors and tons of other stuff which made the game unusable so i started a complete new playthrough without the mods.

In my defence i have to say i had no idea that this sort of thing would happen and that was where the problems started , the mod maker does not offer advice , i think its a case of use at your own risk. I got a permanent ban from the games steam discussion pages for something called flaming ... all i want was for somebody to tell me a safe way to use the mod.

One person said install the latest version of the mod BUT if i see the game being updated on my steam interface do not use it again until the mod is also updated.
I asked if the updated mod would stop the game deleting modded items but i never got an answer because as i said , a dev gave me a permanant ban for flaming the question.




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