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    Version 1.0.0


    Minecraft SPECTRA ALERT P2430 Fire Alarm Created by Toothpick Property of Community-Modding.com! ************************* DO NOT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE! DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN! ************************* *DEVELOPERS* If you wanted to use one of my Models for a Script, Be sure to Ask Me Via PM! ==INSTALLATION== As an Addon Model<1> As a Replace Item<2> <1> For a Minecraft Plugin Server, You must Download "ItemsAdder" and follow the Steps to add Models! <2> For a Minecraft Client/ TexturePack. Replace whatever block in your TexturePack and open the Json files of the Fire Alarm and change "new_furniture/75" to whatever Directory you placed it in "Example 'minecraft:block/firealarmred' "credit": "Made with Blockbench", "textures": { "1": "new_furniture/75/firealarmred", "2": "new_furniture/75/firealarmred2", "3": "new_furniture/75/firealarmwhite", "4": "new_furniture/75/firealarmyellow", "particle": "new_furniture/75/firealarmglass" Be sure to place the Texture files in the Correct Locations!
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