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   >  Install or make sure you have installed Scripthook V .NET
   >  Install or make sure you have installed Native UI.
   >  Copy WasteTransport.dll and WasteTransport.xml to
      "GTA V\Scripts\" folder.
   >  To install Native UI copy NativeUI.dll and NativeUI.xml
      from Native UI folder to "GTA V\Scripts\" folder.


   >  Go to the Cypress Flats / Hanger Way, there will be a worker
      waiting with a clipboard, walk toward him to start job.
      To restart mission, drive away from company until mission blip
      appears again.


   >  Payment amount can be changed in WasteTransport.xml file.
   >  Pickup locations do not repeat until all of them are complete.


  Changelog 1.1 

   >  Added new pickup locations.
   >  Added menu to start new pickup without returning the truck
      back to the company


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