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  6. Version 1.0.0


    Minecraft SPECTRA ALERT P2430 Fire Alarm Created by Toothpick Property of Community-Modding.com! ************************* DO NOT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE! DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN! ************************* *DEVELOPERS* If you wanted to use one of my Models for a Script, Be sure to Ask Me Via PM! ==INSTALLATION== As an Addon Model<1> As a Replace Item<2> <1> For a Minecraft Plugin Server, You must Download "ItemsAdder" and follow the Steps to add Models! <2> For a Minecraft Client/ TexturePack. Replace whatever block in your TexturePack and open the Json files of the Fire Alarm and change "new_furniture/75" to whatever Directory you placed it in "Example 'minecraft:block/firealarmred' "credit": "Made with Blockbench", "textures": { "1": "new_furniture/75/firealarmred", "2": "new_furniture/75/firealarmred2", "3": "new_furniture/75/firealarmwhite", "4": "new_furniture/75/firealarmyellow", "particle": "new_furniture/75/firealarmglass" Be sure to place the Texture files in the Correct Locations!
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy! Video
  9. U would need filezilla to put mod menus on, and if u was console banned u'll need a new CID..
  10. (Dev) CM Antenna Pack (WIP) (UNLOCKED) (Scratch Model) Will be Released soon!
  11. (Dev) CM Antenna Pack (WIP) (UNLOCKED) (Scratch Model) Will be Released soon!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    MX700 AMBER Lightbar! Development Yo! Feel Free to use! (FIVE M) Lightbar Menu Script COMPATIBLE Ohh BTW, DO NOT RE-UPLOAD DEV LIGHTBAR (UNLOCKED) ANYWHERE! CM MX7000 is Property of COMMUNITY-MODDING.com! CM MX7000 LIGHTBARS CARCOLS INCLUDED! NON ELS Compatible! Current Bugs ( Lightbar Glass DOESN'T Break! ) https://streamable.com/jybuz
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