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  • Grille & Deck Lights By Chip

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    Please read the ReadMe!! Please read the rules on Exclusive Modifications. I've included, All red & All blue lights.
  • CHP Siren By Chip

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    Please read the readme. I recommend using ModLoader to install as it won't mess up your other sounds. Please note the siren is quite because of my system volume. Video  
  • San Andreas Computer Aided Dispatch System By Chip

    I present the GTAV Computer Aided Dispatch.
    The point of this program is to enhance the Role-Play within Five Reborn, I've made MDC's and Other CAD's for GTAIV, I may be remaking the MDC and CAD for GTAIV. This is the first of its kind for GTAV. I hope you enjoy!
    Please note the video and screens are a little off,  Most of what's said in the video has been fixed/done. There is a native updater to the program, so all updates will be done through the program itself and not the website.   Video   Screens  
  • FiveM SoundOff Signal Nergy Siren By Chip

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    Read the ReadMe, It has useful information!  RE-UPLOADING ANYWHERE IS NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION Directions on how to install can be found in the ReadMe.   Video